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First Byron CRC offers these programs, services and opportunities to fit many needs. They are listed in the hope that you will find several that interest you and that you may enjoy Christian fellowship, the study of God's Word, and the promotion of Kingdom cause.

Basket Ministry
This ministry welcomes visitors, celebrates the birth of babies, encourages sick and shut-ins, college students, military, and friends and neighbors who have a need with the gift of a visit and a basket filled with goodies and surprises.  Gift baskets are also given by our sidewalk counselors to girls deciding for life for their babies.  Women who want the joy of serving others are encouraged to become involved. (Donations of gifts to fill baskets are gratefully accepted from all our members and can be placed in the baskets found under the signup table in the foyer.)

Health Ministry Team/Parish Nursing
This if for those interested in preventative health and assistance to members who have health needs; many of the Health Team are nurses. They meet every 3 months for an hour on a Sunday afternoon. They are available to help those with health needs with such things as blood pressure checks, health screening, health education, personal health counseling (medication, diet, referrals), visiting, transportation.  They provide health-related articles.

Helping Hands
A group of volunteers coordinate meal deliveries from church members for other members who are ill, recovering from surgery, new moms, grieving, etc. Other help, such as rides to the doctor, cleaning, childcare, etc. are volunteered as well.

Member Care Ministry
Member Care is a visiting ministry at First Byron where members are showing God's love to members of our congregation who are being blessed by these visits.  Our volunteers are men, women and couples encouraging shut-in members that they are loved and not forgotten.  We also want their loved ones to know they are still a part of God's family at First Byron.

Wednesday Evening Bible Studies
Come out on Wednesday nights at 6:45 in the church santuary.  Pastor Tom will lead a Bible study for men and women of all ages.  If you'd like to learn how to share your faith more effectively, then come and learn from Jesus himself.
Pastor Ken will again be leading a class entitled, "Bible Exploration".  This class will be patterned after the classes that he teaches in Asia.  Using 15 principles of biblical interpretation, we will study the books of Jonah, 2 Timothy, Genesis 1-11, Mark, Ephesians, Psalm and finally a study of biblical theology in the entire Bible from Genesis 12 through Revelation 22.  While studying these books of the Bible the student will have the opportunity to compose mini-sermons that focus on key ingredients of an expository sermon which include context, main theme, structure, Christ, and aim/application.  Students who would rather not attempt composing a mini-sermon will be excused from this part of the class.  On the other hand, those who do compose mini-sermons may find that they are being equipped for potential public speaking.

Sharing Moments Scrapbooking
A scrapbooking extravaganza is planned for several times this year on Friday nights from 6:00 PM till midnight.
Come and enjoy an evening of fun, food and fellowship with fellow scrapbookers.
$9 includes dinner, dessert, and door prizes.
Invite your neighbors, sisters, moms, and friends

Call the church office for more information.